Gun Detection Technology Changing Security Needs

Gunshot detection technology works through a system that recognizes and transmits the location of gunfire or other weapons through the use of sound. It also uses optical and possibly different types of sensors. It is a system that is used by government agencies and business to determine the source or the direction of gunfire or any other weapons that have been fired.

Gun Detection a Necessary Technology

Most working Americans spend half their working hours within buildings. The general notion has always been that these buildings are safer than the urban areas where crime and violence continues to escalate. Appallingly, violence keeps following people to their offices that make many question the idea of safety in buildings. But buildings are not the only center of attention. Gunshot detection system has grown in usage even in the military due to an increase in the illegal drugs trade and terrorism globally. Technology has become a necessity in the fight against drugs and terrorism.

Gun Detection Technology

Different Approaches in Gun Detection Technology

The use of gun detection technology has been around for more than 20 years. The technology has become more popular in recent times and for obvious reasons. Many methods for this technology are used depending on the need for information of contrasting natures. Soldiers in the battleground are interested in knowing the direction and estimated the distance of the gunfire that is aimed at them. Law enforcement agencies and specifically the police are interested in knowing where there is gunfire within the cities. These needs contrast and require different approaches meaning that different. The police force has been using this technology for a while now especially in areas that have a tendency for gun violence.

The boom in Gunfire Detection technology

Gunfire detection was initially used outdoors by the military and the police. Today the technology is getting a lot of interest from companies. There is also a growing interest from government buildings, retreat facilities, stadiums and educational facilities. There is an increase in the need for more security features and gunfire detection technology has become a part of many security systems. Security needs to continue to witness an upsurge and gunfire detection systems are a part of that growth. In the United States, many people own guns and gun ownership has continued to experience significant growth. Illegal arms sales are on the rise, and this means that incidents connected to gunfire will continue to increase. There has been an increase in homicides because more people are using guns and this is a significant concern. Deaths due to firearms are on the rise with the numbers higher than in any other country. These are factors which will see a boom in the gunshot detection system in the North American market. Most cities in the United States are at an advanced stage with plans to have the gunshot detection technology used in establishments, in educational institutions, business offices, and commercial facilities. In the next five years, there will be an increase in the installation and use of the gun detection system.

How Gunfire Detection Technology Helps

When there is a shooter in a building, gunfire detection technology provides coverage for the building. Anytime a gun is used, the loud noise will activate a network of sensors, cameras or both. Information about the noise will be transmitted to a center where experts will look into it and categorize the sound. The technology used is highly advanced and can recognize and distinguish numerous threats. Once the attack has been confirmed as gunfire, the building’s security agents will be alerted, and a local dispatch will be sent instantly.

The goal is to secure the building and the people within the building as quickly as possible and apprehend the attacker. If there are victims, they will get assisted, and the dispatched personnel will gather evidence. Buildings that have cameras can also provide crucial clues and evidence using active gunshot detection technology. Video footage can also be used by police to help recognize criminals and stop them from continuing with a crime they are committing. The technology can be used in any building regardless of the size, or number of floors.

Businesses and Establishments Taking a Proactive Position

Businesses today are taking a proactive position about security in their buildings and no longer depend on law enforcement agencies. Threats that are believed to be a shooter based especially in areas where there’s lots of square footage are getting secured using gun detection technology. Previously, the technology was used mostly by military personnel and in the police force. Today, it has become a part of the security package for homes and schools. It is used in hospitals and commercial buildings and in communities that are perceived to have high crime rates. The technology has continued to experience a growing interest as security companies and the police force look for ways to deal with an increase in mass shooting incidents.

The Effectiveness of Gun Detection Technology

Anytime gunshots are fired police officers have to respond to the situation. Sometimes they face challenges in responding because they do not know the exact location and the exact situation on the ground. They don’t know the extent of the danger posed, or how many people might be involved. Surveillance technology that’s integrated with gunshot detection technology helps police officers assess the situation from a point of knowledge. They can be able to determine exactly where the shots were fired by triangulating the shots within 10 feet of where the shots were fired. They can correctly make a conclusion about the number of shots fired or the shooters at the scene prior to their arrival. When they go to the scene, they are not walking into a trap blindly. There is no doubt that the technology is an essential component of law enforcement operations. Besides, in neighborhoods where the technology has been installed, offenders might be less inclined to use guns knowing that they will draw attention to themselves. There is no doubt that there is a boom in gunshot detection technology, but it is all for the best.

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