5 Technologies That Can Change the Face of the World

You need to prepare because the future is coming faster than you can imagine. Any person in the world will tell you that technology is changing at an astonishing pace. What is difficult to predict is which type of techniques individually are about to come up. When we talk about the tomorrow’s technology, the media informs us that the technology can be used for evil or it can do that evil itself.  But as far as I am concerned the most advanced technology is not leading the world into a dystopia. Before everything looks like Terminator, it is going through a phase. Here are the most technologies that can change the world’s face.

  1. 3-D Printers capable of printing Living Tissues

Exciting progress in computerized transplantation in the future is the reduction in organ donation. It will be possible due to the low rates of accidents that is to be witnessed. 3-D printers are capable of keeping cells alive.  The cells are later used to print some organs which are ready for transplant. Clinical officers are already in the process so that the printed organs to replace donor organs will be viable in reality.

Artificial Intelligence

  1. Artificial Intelligence to Fight poverty

Am very sure you have heard how artificial intelligence will have significant benefits in the community, but these benefits go beyond our area of residence or our workplace. According to a team of researchers in the New York, Artificial Intelligence will be able to combat the war on poverty. Some things cause poverty.  Either by lack of income, lack of public education and many dependencies on government aid. Artificial Intelligence will address all those matters. It could offer job matching for jobless people, identify needed skills in a particular position and it could aid in skills training to prepare people for better-paying jobs. This technology will remove much of the guesswork on how to improve the general life of human beings and aid support to those prone to extreme poverty.

  1. Drones for delivering could make people Communists

Drones are mainly used to blow up foreign locations and to deliver Frasier DVDs right to somebody’s doorstep, and they are restructuring our society. But we are focusing on one of those fun, restructuring of the community and not the kind of Marxist-Leninist thing. These drones are going to do what people from the developed countries like China, Cuba, and Russia cannot do. They are going to change the world entirely and forever. That is what Dr. Astro Teller predicts. He is ambitious to predict what will happen in the future. Dr. Astro is ahead of google’s semisecret research and development company. He believes that drones are not just going to make delivery of snacks cheaper but also to access a flying play station will be absolutely game changer. You do not need to own anything that you use less frequently when you can be charged a small fee for a few hours. They can be delivered to you by a robot that will not be concerned with what you are even wearing. This equipment includes yard equipment, dental floss, and power tools. Drones can vindicate your school roommate in Mexico a dress who is said to be evolving past the ownership concept. Soon Amazon might be delivering us communism for 20 us dollars per month.  It is good news to most consumers and bad news to the home depots in the world who will go away from Trump Steaks.  It will be weird news for those who will find it unsettling to one time of the day look up in the sky only to see many lawnmowers flying around bringing us more lawn mowers.

  1. Health people to choose Amputation

The advancement in cyber net and prosthetic technology have assisted many people with disability to achieve high-quality living standards not unless they live in the darkest corners of the word. It is a beautiful opportunity for them to live comfortably. Technology has brought equality to the world. It is true when it is practiced, it gives the paralyzed chance to stand and walk, and the blind get a chance to see. But at some points we must ask ourselves, is this the type of technology we want to have? In some cases, prosthetic technology is denying the abilities of our natural strength to be used.  It is evident that to have a fake leg or arm will finally be equated to as having superpowers. We must consider some social implications. The robot legs in the market will be affordable to super-rich people only. An ordinary person will not afford to acquire one. The technology dividing the society between the poor and the rich does not sound well to most of the people in the world.  Sports industry will be the first to be affected by this technology because man has evil-minded priorities.  I know cybernetics will not be allowed in international professional sports.What will happen if enhancement of robot will be the only way an athlete will recover from an injury?

  1. Trucks to drive themselves

We are about to prove whether computers can operate better than human beings. It is said that driverless trucks will be capable of coordinating movements over long distances and help drivers to complete designated routes within a short duration of time. These vehicles will be driving themselves part of the course. The dominant technology to this advancement is a LIDAR system which can monitor the environment surrounding the truck.  Shortly, expect to see a more computerized transportation system with a driverless motor vehicle on the way.

In conclusion, this advancement in technology range from genetic treatments advances or improvement of Artificial Intelligence technology. Some will have an immediate impact on the world while others might take longer to make a significant impact. Not only industries will be affected, but the entire realm of the social will be transformed. There will be improvements in numerous fields such as health, education, transport, and energy sector,  to mention a few.

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